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Corporate Employee Matching

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your donation to Give Back Track may be eligible to be matched by your employer. Simply review the steps below about the matching process.

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Step 01

Make a Contribution to
Give Back Track

A donor fills out an online or print donation form to Give Back Track. Below you can check if your employer offers a matching gift program that is eligible to benefit Give Back Track.

Step 02

Submit a Matching Gift Request to Employer

You can check your employer’s matching gift request protocol on their website or visit Double the Donation to view corporate matching gift profiles that lay out key matching gift guidelines in one convenient place.

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Step 03

Company Reviews Donation and Give Back Track

The employer’s matching gift team will check to see if the request meets all corporate expectations and that the nonprofit in question fulfills their eligibility requirements.


Step 05

Give Back Track Receives Company's Matched Donation

Once the matching gift request is finalized, the employer will then reach out to the nonprofit in question and appropriately match their employee’s donation with a check.

Step 04

Give Back Track Verifies Your Initial Donation  

After the matching gift request passes all other guidelines, the employer wraps up the matching gift process by confirming that the initial donation was made to the nonprofit in the first place.

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