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Our Story

After attending countless middle school and high school track and field meets where we witnessed how many student athletes did not have the proper footwear to compete in, we knew we wanted to help and that is when the idea of Give Back Track first began. With the aid of monetary donations along with shoe donations, we supply track and field footwear to eligible high school student athletes who have financial barriers and may not have the means to purchase them. Learn more about our story by reading the letter from our founder.

   Integrity  --  Commitment  --  Determination  --  Passion  --  Equality  --  Perseverance   


We believe in going about our mission honestly, ethically, and openly. Doing things the right way will continue to drive us in our pursuit of providing to those in need.


We intend to go the maximum distance for our recipients and donors who support us. We seek to turn that support into results as quick as possible.


We are determined to provide the proper footwear to student-athletes in need who want to compete in track and field and cross country.


Our passion includes serving YOU! Whether you need shoes, want to support, or seek to get involved with us, we hope to serve you, our community.



Our main mission is to even the gap between the fortunate and less fortunate. We aim to provide the same quality equipment that is needed to compete at the highest level. 


We hope to project the needed tenacity and sheer grit it takes to accomplish a mission as large as ours. We aim to provide a pair of shoes to each student-athlete in need. This mission is our purpose.

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